Hollywood Hamilton’s Weekend Top 30 Now Playing The Best Kept Secret By John Dote'

John Dote', (accent over the "e") who is officially in the history books of the "king of pop", Michael Jackson as well as sister Janet for his relentless radio promotion ability was originally discovered in L.A. by legendary radio disc jockey  Rick Dees, Daily Dees, Dees Sleaze, and the Rick Dees Weekly Top 40, the longest continually running hit music countdown in the world! But it is "Hollywood Hamilton"  who takes the credit for observing Dote' first pulling into the parking lot of KIIS Radio in his Rolls Royce completely airbrushed with the 1906 earth quake of San Francisco on the car. "John stepped out of his rolls pimped out and saturated in gold chains, huge diamond rings on every finger and graced out in white leather fur and even fur boots! This cat was a show stopper. He even walked passed my security guards when he entered the station and when they told him he needed to show his I.D., he flipped them off and kept walking. All security was on notice. I loved it. I sent a radio call to my security to let him pass. I came to greet him personally and the man shined brighter than a christmas tree in grand central station. This cat had an image and he was pushing his album "A Hero From Zero" which is how he was dressed exactly like. Incredible. So I took him into the control room to meet Rick who just about fell off of his chair. Even the immediate staff were taken back by the presence of John Dote'."  (Sean "Hollywood" Hamilton is an American radio personality. He is the host of the Weekend Top 30 Countdown and the Remix Top 30 Countdown heard in numerous cities in the United States and throughout the world on The Premiere Networks.)
Dote', who originally was scheduled to meet with the program director to air the lead off single "A Hero From Zero" was swept under the bus when Dees decided to promote Dote's image instead. He decided to interview Dote' on national radio and issue a challenge to Mr. T to call into the station and set a date for a "showdown" of who wears the most gold chains. Dees felt that some how with the station ratings, T would get word of it yet never called in. As a result, his image gained him more exposure than the album itself which reached number 9 on the contemporary charts.


            By Nancy Richards / Staff Writer / nancyrichards123@gmail.com / Website http://jodo777d44.webs.com/
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