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John Dote' & 20 Years Of Television - With Don Sandri On "Cable Tonight"

John Dote' (accent over the "e") can rightly be accused of marching to the beat of a different drummer, because he owns that drum. Its rythms are varied and complex, as is the man, his life of percussion of clashing cymbals and macho beats of snares and timpani- this man loves laughter and lives life to its fullest- accented by sensitive melodies and creative sweetness. Music, It's the San Carlos man's very spirit, Gold Records, plaques and pictures of entertainers (including himself with the likes of Janet Jackson, John Lee Hooker, Buddy Miles, Carlos Santana and Abel Zarate), adorn the walls of his home recording studio, where Dote' nurtures seemingly disparate, drifting syncopated sounds into life with passion and panache. He's an arranger, composer, creator, the Theme Man who produced television's "Dynasty", "Charlie's Angel's", "Barnaby Jones", "Rockford Files", "M*A*S*H", and other shows' thematic tunes, and if you watch the old "Hawaii Five-0" series, listen for that lively drum beat dancing through it's theme song, and picture Dote's sticks flashing. 

Dote' sport's some 22 pounds of massive Gold around his neck. "I wore these before Mr. T came along". His image took him straight to world-wide radio when he was discovered by Hollywood Disc-Jockey Rick Dees of KISS Radio. Dees "challenged" Mr.T. to a showdown on national radio, but there was no response. We're sure he got the message. To the left is John with Janet Jackson and the launching of her smash hit What Have You Done For Me Lately, in 1986 in San Francisco.

Every body laughs at his mockery, for Dote' is the "loudest", for it's his nature to be visible and noticeable. Hence that dark brown Rolls Royce-Boom Boom Mancini was the former owner and was used in the hit television series "Dynasty"-he drives; the over sized fur boots and coats; the huge, glittering rings on nearly every finger, all linked with memories (Liberace gave him one), colorful, unbuttoned shirts showing myriad chesthairs; and, his trademark, some 22 pounds of massive golden chains hanging from his neck.


Dote' did wear those chains before Mr. T came along, but does admit he took his sartorial cue from none other than Liberace, whom he worked with in producing music for "This Is San Francisco" several years ago under his then Penthouse Records label. And wrestling is even "bigger" since he brought in Cyndy Lauper and Ozzy Ozborne to the sport. Which might have been the result of the song "Kisses" reaching number 9 on the local charts beating out Prince with "Kiss", which charted at number 10 during that same year. 

WITH ALL his outward pizzaz and frivolity, however, Dote' has a serious side, video tape and celluloid, and if you find him sweating with weight and exercise, you can 
bet his cerebellum's doing some push ups and knee-bends as well.